Bless You All

Original Broadway Production (1950)

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Colonel Jasper Oglethorpe
Emmaline, his wife
Marmaduke, his son
Marybelle, his daughter
The Publisher
The Poor Girl
The Poor Boy
The Rich Girl

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Bless You All .... Sung by Jules Munshin, Mary McCarty, Pearl Bailey, Valerie Bettis and Ensemble
  • Do You Know a Better Way to Make a Living? .... Sung by Jules Munshin and the Showgirls
  • Southern Fried Chekhov (sketch) .... Colonel Jasper Oglethorpe; Emmaline, his wife; Marmaduke, his son; Marybelle, his daughter; The Publisher
  • Don't Wanna Write About the South (song in Southern-Fried Chekhov) .... Sung by Marybelle, the Colonel, Emmaline and Marmaduke
  • I Can Hear It Now .... Sung by Jane Harvey (Danced by The Poor Girl, The Poor Boy, The Rich Girl, The Rich Boy and Dancing Couples)
  • When .... Sung by Pearl Bailey (Danced by A Boy and A Girl)
  • Back to Napoli (sketch) .... Benson, Miss Kane, Jaroslav, Laszlo, The Ladies, Enrico Bonzo, The Children
  • Little Things Meant So Much to Me .... Sung by Mary McCarty
  • A Rose Is a Rose .... Sung by Jane Harvey and Byron Palmer (Danced by The Rose, The Musicos, The Mobile, The Sleeping Boy, A Piece of Sculpture and The Revelers)
  • Love Letter to Manhattan .... Sung by Byron Palmer
  • TV Over the White House (sketch) .... Announcer, Joseph Gabriel Blow, Jane Blow, Their Son
  • Love That Man (song in TV Over the White House) .... Joe and Ensemble
  • Breakfast With Joe and Jane (scene in TV Over the White House)
  • Just a Little White House (song in TV Over the White House) .... Joe, Jane and Son
  • Somewhere Up There (scene in TV Over the White House) .... George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt
  • Voting Blues (song in TV Over the White House) .... Sung by Valerie Bettis
  • Stop the Politics! (scene in TV Over the White House) .... Joe and Jane, Miss Strong Constitution, Miss Natural Resources, Miss International Peace, Miss Federal Water Power
  • Finale (song in TV Over the White House) .... Joe and the entire ensemble

Act Two

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  • Summer Dresses .... Sung by Byron Palmer and Ensemble (Danced by The Mannequin, Morning Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Evening Dresses and Stock Boys)
  • The Cold War (sketch) .... Bill Slade, The Druggist
  • Take Off the Coat .... Sung by Jane Harvey
  • The Nobbiest Hobby (sketch) .... An Art Enthusiast, A Clergyman, Aunty, Doctor Smith, Grandma, A Nursemaid, A Good Humor Man, A Dowager, An Old Fisherman, A Pretty Young Girl, A Lifeguard, A Schoolgirl, Bathers
  • The Desert Flame .... Desert Flame, Monsieur le Commandant, Gendarmes, Pepe le Koko, Houris, The Texan, Native Drummers, The Torturers, Singing Houris, Patrons, Spectators and Natives
  • Peter and the P.T.A. (sketch) .... Mrs. Weatherby (Peter), Mr. Fothergill, Wendy, Captain Hook, The Pirates
  • You Never Know What Hit You -- When It's Love .... Sung by Pearl Bailey
  • The Roaring '20s Strike Back .... Sung by Jules Munshin and Mary McCarty
  • Finale .... Entire Company

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