Billion Dollar Baby

Original Broadway Production (1945)

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Musical Numbers

Original Musical Numbers List

Act One

  • Million Dollar Smile .... The Radio: Alan Gilbert
  • Who's Gonna Be the Winner? .... Maribelle, Miss Texas, Contestants (Beverly Hosier, Betty Saunders, Doris Hollingsworth) and The Bathing Beauties
  • Dreams Come True .... Maribelle, James Mitchell, Fred Hearn, Bill Skipper
  • Charleston .... Cop, 3 Flappers, Rich Girl, Playboy, A Timid Girl, Good Time Charlie, Collegiates, Younger Generation, Older Generation, 2 Gangsters, 2 Bootleggers
  • Broadway Blossom .... Georgia
  • Speaking of Pals .... Dapper, Jerry, Waiter, Rocky and Ensemble
  • There I'd Be .... Georgia and M. M. Montague
  • One Track Mind .... Champ and Esme
  • Bad Timing .... Rocky and Maribelle
  • The Marathoners .... Dance Ensemble
  • A Lovely Girl .... Georgia, Maribelle and the Jollities Beauties

Act Two

  • Funeral Procession .... The Mob
  • Havin' a Time .... Georgia
  • The Marathon Dance .... Champ
  • Faithless .... M. M. Montague and Maribelle
  • I'm Sure of Your Love .... Rocky
  • A Life With Rocky .... Maribelle, The Wealthy Ones, Rocky (who dances), 2 Cops, Passerby, Bartender, 2 Thugs, Their Molls, Leader of Thugs
  • The Wedding

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

No songs listed for this production yet.

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