Billion Dollar Baby

Original Broadway Production (1945)

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Choreography and Musical Numbers

Cast Highlights

Ma Jones
Champ Watson
Maribelle Jones
Georgia Motley
Jerry Bonanza
Dapper Welch
Rocky Barton
M.M. Montague
Rocky (who dances)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Million Dollar Smile .... The Radio: Alan Gilbert
  • Who's Gonna Be the Winner? .... Maribelle, Miss Texas, Contestants (Beverly Hosier, Betty Saunders, Doris Hollingsworth) and The Bathing Beauties
  • Dreams Come True .... Maribelle, James Mitchell, Fred Hearn, Bill Skipper
  • Charleston .... Cop, 3 Flappers, Rich Girl, Playboy, A Timid Girl, Good Time Charlie, Collegiates, Younger Generation, Older Generation, 2 Gangsters, 2 Bootleggers
  • Broadway Blossom .... Georgia
  • Speaking of Pals .... Dapper, Jerry, Waiter, Rocky and Ensemble
  • There I'd Be .... Georgia and M. M. Montague
  • One Track Mind .... Champ and Esme
  • Bad Timing .... Rocky and Maribelle
  • The Marathoners .... Dance Ensemble
  • A Lovely Girl .... Georgia, Maribelle and the Jollities Beauties

Act Two

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  • Funeral Procession .... The Mob
  • Havin' a Time .... Georgia
  • The Marathon Dance .... Champ
  • Faithless .... M. M. Montague and Maribelle
  • I'm Sure of Your Love .... Rocky
  • A Life With Rocky .... Maribelle, The Wealthy Ones, Rocky (who dances), 2 Cops, Passerby, Bartender, 2 Thugs, Their Molls, Leader of Thugs
  • The Wedding

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Trivia & History

There were probably two or three previews at the Alvin before the opening, but we have not been able to find any confirmation of this. Previews were rarely advertised at the time. They were often sold as theatre-party benefits.

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