The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public

Original Broadway Production (1994)

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Cast Highlights

Mona Stangley
Sam Dallas
Senator A. Harry Hardast
I. R. S. Director
Terri Clark
The President of the United States
Lotta Lovingood
A Client of the Whorehouse

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Let the Devil Take Us .... Las Vegas Legends, Showroom Patrons, Street Whores and Ralph J. Bostick
  • Nothin' Like a Picture Show .... Mona
  • I'm Leavin' Texas .... Mona and the Texans
  • It's Been a While .... Sam Dallas and Mona
  • Brand New Start .... Sam Dallas, Mona, Terri Clark, I. R. S. Director, Schmidt (I.R.S. Assistant), the Working Girls and the Wall Street Wolves

Act Two

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  • Down and Dirty .... Senator A. Harry Hardast
  • Call Me .... Mona, the Girls and the Couch Potatoes
  • Change in Me .... Sam Dallas
  • Here for the Hearing .... The Ladies and the Senators
  • Piece of the Pie, A .... Mona Stangley, Sam Dallas and the Ladies
  • Change in Me (Reprise) .... Sam Dallas
  • If We Open Our Eyes .... Company

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