Bells Are Ringing

Original Broadway Production (1956)

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Dances and Musical Numbers
Additional Choreography

Cast Highlights

Ella Peterson
Inspector Barnes
Jeff Moss
Larry Hastings
Dr. Kitchell
Blake Barton

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Bells Are Ringing
  • It's a Perfect Relationship .... Ella
  • On My Own .... Jeff and Ensemble
  • You've Got to Do It .... Jeff
  • It's a Simple Little System .... Sandor and Ensemble
  • Is It a Crime? .... Ella
  • Hello, Hello There! .... Ella, Jeff and Ensemble
  • I Met a Girl .... Jeff and Ensemble
  • Long Before I Knew You .... Ella and Jeff

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • Mu-Cha-Cha .... Ella and Carl
  • Dance .... Carol, Carl and Dancing Ensemble
  • Just in Time .... Jeff, Ella and Ensemble
  • Drop That Name .... Ella and Ensemble
  • The Party's Over .... Ella
  • Salzburg .... Sue and Sandor
  • The Midas Touch .... Singer, Boys and Girls
  • Long Before I Knew You (Reprise) .... Jeff
  • I'm Goin' Back .... Ella
  • Finale .... The Company

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

During the run, "Better Than a Dream," sung by Ella and Jeff, was added to Act One. We are not sure exactly when it was added to the show, but it was either in December 1957 or early 1958.

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