The Band Wagon

Original Broadway Production (1931)

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Col. Jefferson Claghorne
Sarah, His Wife
Breeze, Their Daughter
Simpson Carter
Ely Carter
Martin Carter
Ivy Meredith

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • As Others See Us
  • Sweet Music .... Fred and Adele Astaire
  • High and Low .... Roberta Robinson and John Barker - The Girls
  • When the Rain Goes Pitter-Patter (sketch) .... Frank Morgan and Helen Broderick
  • The Flag .... Tilly Losch
  • For Good Old Nectar (sketch) .... Adele Astaire, Roberta Robinson, Frank Morgan, Jay Wilson, Philip Loeb, Francis Pierlot, Fred Astaire, John Barker and others
  • A Nice Place to Visit (monologue) .... Helen Broderick
  • Hoops .... Fred and Adele Astaire
  • Confession .... The GIrls and The Boys
  • The Pride of the Claghornes (sketch) .... Jasper, Col. Jefferson Claghorne, Sarah, Breeze, Simpson Carter, Ely Carter,  Martin Carter
  • New Sun in the Sky .... Fred Astaire
  • Miserable With You .... Adele Astaire and Frank Morgan
  • I Love Louisa .... Fred and Adele Astaire and The Company

Act Two

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  • Again! (sketch) .... Philip Loeb, Jay Wilson, Peter Chambers
  • Dancing in the Dark .... John Barker - Tilly Losch and The Girls
  • Nanette .... Frank Morgan, Philip Loeb, Francis Pierlot, Peter Chambers
  • The Great Warburton Mystery (sketch) .... Ivy Meredith, Inspector Cartwright, Mrs. Boule, Mr. Boule, Miss Hutton,Mr. Dodd, Mr. Wallace, Walker, 1st Policeman, 2nd Policeman, The Murdered Man 
  • Where Can He Be? .... Helen Broderick and the Boys
  • The Beggar Waltz .... Tilly Losch, Fred Astaire and Ensemble
  • P. S. (monologue) .... Frank Morgan
  • White Heat .... Fred and Adele Astaire and Ensemble
  • Pour Le Bain (sketch) .... Mrs. Prescott, Mr. Knipper, Mr. Cadwallader, An Attendant, The Demonstrator, Mr. Leftwich
  • Five Star Finale

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Trivia & History

It is often difficult to find contemporary listings of performance totals for this time period.

Although some sources list a run of 260 performances for this production, The Billboard (then a major source of information for New York theatre) listed 262 performances at the time of the closing. On Sunday, January 10, 1932 — six days before the show closed — the performance total listed in the Daily News’s  “Golden Dozen” of top-running current Broadway shows was 251. The production played an extra performance during its closing week so if the Daily News January 10 total of 251 was correct, the final total would be 260 with that nine-performance closing week added.

We are, however, choosing to follow The Billboard in this as 262 seems to us more likely to be correct given the opening and closing dates (and counting nine performances for the final week).

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