Original Broadway Production (1978)

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Director and Choreographer

Cast Highlights

Bea Asher
Helen (Her sister-in-law)
Jack (Her brother-in-law)
Diane (Her daughter)
David (Her son)
Alfred Rossi
Nathan Bricker
Johnny "Lightfeet"

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  • A Terrific Band and a Real Nice Crowd .... Bea Asher
  • A Song for Dancing .... The Ballroom Regulars 
    • Sung by Marlene and Nathan
  • One by One .... Angie, Lightfoot, The Ballroom Regulars
    • Sung by Marlene and Nathan
  • The Dance Montage .... The Ballroom Regulars
  • Dreams .... Marlene
  • Somebody Did Alright for Herself .... Bea Asher
  • The Tango Contest .... Emily and Mario, Bea and Al, Martha and Petey, Anitra and Carl, Shirley and Paul, Margaret and Thomas, Marie and Harry
  • Goodnight Is Not Goodbye .... The Ballroom Regulars
    • Sung by Marlene and Nathan
  • I've Been Waiting All My Life .... The Ballroom Regulars
    • Sung by Nathan
  • I Love to Dance .... Bea Asher and Al Rossi
  • More of the Same .... The Ballroom Regulars
    • Sung by Marlene and Nathan
  • Fifty Percent .... Bea
  • The Stardust Waltz .... The Ballroom Regulars
  • I Wish You a Waltz .... Bea

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