Babes in Arms

Original Broadway Production (1937)

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Cast Highlights

Val La Mar
Marshall Blackstone
Billie Smith
Gus Fielding
Lee Calhoun
Dolores Reynolds
Baby Rose
Ivor De Quincy
Irving de Quincy

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Where or When .... Billie and Val
  • Babes in Arms .... Billie, Val, Marshall and The Gang
  • I Wish I Were in Love Again .... Dolores and Gus
  • All Dark People .... Ivor and Irving
  • Way Out West .... Baby Rose, Alex, Cliff, Jimmy, Bob
  • My Funny Valentine .... Billie
  • Johnny One-Note .... The Singer (Wynn Murray), The Child (Douglas Perry), The High Priest (Alfred Drake), The Priestess (Elenore Tennis), The Nubians (The Nicholas Brothers), The Acrobat (Bobby Lane), The Specialty Dancers (Mitzi Green and Duke McHale)

Act Two

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  • Imagine .... Baby Rose, Alex, Cliff, Jimmy, Bob
  • All at Once .... Billie and Val
  • Peter's Journey Ballet .... The Prince (Duke McHale), The Attendants (Kenneth Wilkins and Leroy James), Rockefeller (Rolly Pickert), The Mermaid (Elenore Tennis), Greta Garbo (Gedda Petry), Marlene Dietrich (Ursula Seiler), Clark Gable (Ted Gary)
  • The Lady is a Tramp .... Billie
  • You Are So Fair .... Dolores, Gus, Ted, Mitzi, Peter, Jean
  • Finale .... The Company

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Trivia & History

The song list above is taken from The Rodgers and Hammerstein Fact Book (The Lynn Farnol Group; New York, 1980), edited by Stanley Green, which presumably reflects the playbill.

The "Johnny One-Note" ballet was apparently not listed separately from the song, although as you can see, all the characters in both ballets were listed there, with the actors who played them identified by the actor's name (rather than the character's primary name in the show).

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