Original Off-Broadway Production (1991)

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Cast Highlights

Leon Czolgosz
John Hinckley
Charles Guiteau
Giuseppe Zangara
Samuel Byck
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme
Sara Jane Moore
John Wilkes Booth

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Everybody's Got the Right .... Proprietor, Moore, Byck, Czolgosz, Zangara, Fromme, Hinckley, Guiteau and Booth
  • The Ballad of Booth .... Balladeer and Booth
  • How I Saved Roosevelt .... Zangara and Ensemble
  • Gun Song .... Czolgosz, Booth, Guiteau and Moore
  • The Ballad of Czolgosz .... Balladeer and Ensemble
  • Unworthy of Your Love .... Hinckley and Fromme
  • The Ballad of Guiteau .... Guiteau
  • Another National Anthem .... Proprietor, Moore, Byck, Czolgosz, Zangara, Fromme, Hinckley, Guiteau and Booth
  • Everybody's Got the Right (Finale) .... Moore, Byck, Czolgosz, Zangara, Fromme, Hinckley, Oswald, Guiteau and Booth

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Trivia & History

The performance total for the run has sometimes been given as 73. That would include both previews and performances from opening night to closing. As far as we can tell, however, the total was 72 — 47 previews and 25 performances. We are basing this on the date of the first preview, the performance schedule, the opening performance date, and the closing date. It may be that an extra performance was added at some point, which would increase the total to 73, but if one was added, we don't know whether it was during previews or after the opening (or whether there really was an extra performance at all). So for now we list 47 previews and 25 performances, pending further info.

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