Ankles Aweigh

Original Broadway Production (1955)

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Cast Highlights

Lt. Bill Kelley
Joe Mancinni
Camera Man

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Old Fashioned Mothers .... Elsey and Wynne
  • Italy .... Boys and Girls
  • Skip the Build Up .... Elsey and Dinky
  • Nothing at All .... Wynne and Bill
  • Walk Like a Sailor .... Wynne, Dinky, Spud, Girls Elsey, Hank Brunjes, Skeet Guenther
  • Headin' for the Bottom Blues .... Chipolata, Girls and Patrons of Night Spot
  • Nothing Can Replace a Man .... Wynne and Boys
  • Here's to Dear Old Us .... Elsey, Dinky, Spud
  • His and Hers .... Wynne and Bill
  • La Festa .... Natives, Boys and Girls; Soloist: Ray Mason

Act Two

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  • Ready Cash .... Croupiers and Gamblers
  • Kiss Me and Kill Me with Love .... Wynne and Bill
  • Honeymoon .... Elsey and Girls
  • The Villain Always Gets It .... Boys and Girls
  • The Code .... Joe's Henchmen
  • Walk Like a Sailor (Reprise) .... Dancing Boys and Girls
  • An Eleven O'Clock Song .... Elsey and Wynne
  • Finale .... Elsey, Wynne and Company

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Trivia & History

According to Ken Mendelbaum in his book Not Since Carrie, Jerome Robbins worked on the show for two weeks in Boston.

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