The production was videotaped by Majestic Productions before an audience during the week of April 28, 1964, at the York Playhouse. The hope was that the video would be sold for pay TV, but it went unsold for several years. It eventually turned up on WNDT (New Dimensions in Television), channel 13, in New York, where it was shown at least three times on N.E.T. Playhouse — on January 6, 1967 (at 8 p.m.), with repeats on January 10 and January 12 (both at 11 p.m.). 

It seems to have also first been shown in some other cities on January 6, although it may have first turned up later in some cities. It was repeated a number of times in various cities over at least the next seven or eight months. In most other cities, it seems to have been shown on the local WNET station.

Performances were suspended for several days when the production moved from the East 78th Street Playhouse to the York Playhouse to (as stated in the New York Times) "permit the adjustment of the scenery at the larger York Playhouse."

The production only evening performances during previews.

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