Original Broadway Production (1947)

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Direction and Choreography

Cast Highlights

Marjorie Taylor
Dr. Joseph Taylor
Grandma Taylor
Jennie Brinker
Charlie Townsend
Joseph Taylor, Jr.
Ned Brinker
Dr. Bigby Denby
Mrs. Lansdale

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Joseph Taylor, Jr. .... Entire Ensemble
  • I Know It Can Happen Again .... Grandma
  • One Foot, Other Foot .... Singing Ensemble and Ballet
  • A Fellow Needs a Girl .... Joe, Sr. and Marjorie
  • Freshman Dance .... Ensemble
  • As They Imagine They Are .... Evelyn Taylor and Harrison Muller (Dance Soloists)
  • A Darn Nice Campus .... Joe, Jr.
  • The Purple and Brown .... The Freshmen
  • So Far .... Beulah
  • You Are Never Away .... Joe, Jr., Jennie and Vocal Chorus
  • What a Lovely Day for a Wedding .... Singing Ensemble and Ned Brinker
  • It May Be a Good Idea for Joe .... Charlie
  • Wedding .... Relatives and Guests of Bride and Groom
  • Wedding: (a) To Have and To Hold .... Singing Ensemble
  • Wedding: (b) Wish Them Well .... Singing Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • Money Isn't Everything .... Jenny, Hazel, Addie, Millie and Dot
  • Hazel Dances .... Hazel
  • Yatata, Yatata, Yatata .... Charlie and Ensemble
  • The Gentleman Is a Dope .... Emily
  • Allegro .... Emily, Charlie, Joe, Jr., Singing Ensemble, Ballet Soloist (Kathryn Lee) and Ballet
  • Come Home .... Marjorie
  • Finale .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Our opening-night cast list differs somewhat from what you may find on some others websites. Those cast lists contain inaccuracies. They list replacements as members of the opening-night cast, while listing members of the opening-night cast as replacements. 

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