All in Love

Original Off-Broadway Production (1961)

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Musical Staging

Cast Highlights

Mrs. Malaprop
Sir Anthony Absolute
Lydia Languish
Jack Absolute
Bob Acres
Lucius O'Trigger
Sir Percival Crumble

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • To Bath Derry-O .... Gentry, Bag
  • Poor .... Lydia, Jack
  • What Can It Be? .... Lucy, Gentry
  • Odds .... Acres, Jack
  • I Love a Fool .... Jack
  • A More Than Ordinary Glorious Vocabulary .... Mrs. Malaprop
  • Women Simple .... Sir Anthony
  • The Lady Was Made to Be Loved .... Sir Anthony, Jack
  • The Good Old Ways .... Grenadiers
  • The Good Old Ways (Reprise) .... Sir Anthony, Grenadiers
  • Honour .... Trigger, Acres

Act Two

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  • I Found Him
  • Day Dreams .... Lucy, Servants
  • Don't Ask Me .... Jack, Lydia
  • Why Wives? .... O'Trigger, Bag, Grenadiers
  • I Love a Fool (Reprise) .... Lydia
  • Quickly .... Mrs. Malaprop, Lydia, Lucy, Bag
  • All in Love .... Sir Anthony, Jack, Company
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

One of the show's songs, "I Found Him," was also heard in the revue Seven Come Eleven, which opened a month before. Thtere were cast recordings of both productions, and the song was on both recordings.

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