Ace of Clubs

Original London Production (1950)

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Rita Marbury
Benny Lucas
Sammy Blake
Felix Felton
Dawn O'Hare
Doreen Harvey
Sunny Claire
Ruby Fowler
Greta Hughes

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  • Nothing Can Last Forever .... Rita
  • I'd Never Know .... Pinkie
  • Something About a Sailor .... Harry
  • Chase Me Charlie .... Pinkie
  • Evening in Summer .... Rita
  • I Like America .... Harry
  • My Kind of Man .... Pinkie
  • This Could Be True .... Pinkie, Harry
  • Josephine .... Pinkie
  • Sail Away .... Harry
  • Why Does Love Get in the Way .... Pinkie
  • In a Boat on the Lake with My Darling .... Pinkie, Harry
  • Three Juvenile Delinquents .... The Delinquents
  • Josephine (reprise) .... Joseph

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Trivia & History

Critical reaction to Ace of Clubs was decidely mixed.  The Times thought that Coward had striven too hard for popular success with his score: "In spite of the mixed reception it is possible that Ace of Clubs, for all its crudity and its slightly old-fashioned air, will give a great many people what they consider lively entertainment. But Mr Coward’s usual public will feel that he has temporarily deserted them." The Manchester Guardian was more favourable, calling the show "essentially a good-tempered frolic... unlikely to knock spots off Oklahoma! but it is in essence not only more genial, but more intelligent." It praised Coward’s protégé Graham Payn, who "dances with consummate grace... singularly fresh and boyish", adding, whether innocently or not, "Benevolent Uncle Noel has found a first-class nephew."

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