Alhambra Theatre

Leicester Square
London, England
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Venue Info

BUILT: 1854


Other Names

  • Royal Panopticon of Science and Arts (1854)
  • Alhambra Circus (4/3/1858)
  • Alhambra Music Hall (1864)
  • Royal Alhambra Palace (date unknown)
  • Alhambra Theatre of Varieties (date unknown)
  • Theatre Royal, Alhambra (date unknown)
  • Great United States Circus (date unknown)
  • New Alhambra Theatre (date unknown)

Trivia & History

Closed in 1856 for remodeling. When it reopened as the Alhambra Circus two years later, a circus ring had been added. The building was remodeled again in both 1866 and 1881. It burnt in 1882 and was rebuilt two years later.

Demolished in 1936 and the Odeon Leicester Square was built on the site.


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