Entermedia Theatre

New York, NY

181-189 Second Avenue at 12th Street
New York, NY
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Venue Info

BUILT: year unknown


Other Names

  • Village East Cinemas (date unknown)
  • 12th Street Cinemas (date unknown)
  • Gayety Theatre (date unknown)
  • Jaffe Art Theatre (date unknown)
  • Stuyvesant Theatre (date unknown)
  • Century Theatre (date unknown)
  • Yiddish Folks Theatre (date unknown)
  • Phoenix Theatre (1953)
  • Casino East (1961)
  • Eden Theatre (1969)
  • Second Avenue Theatre (unknown)
  • Yiddish Art Theatre (unknown)

Trivia & History

Originally a cinema, it later became the Yiddish Art Theatre with 1100 seats. In the late 1930s, it reverted to showing films.

In 1953, it became an off-Broadway theatre. In 1965, it was a burlesque house. In 1969, it returned to use as a theatre.

There was a second Phoenix Theatre (also known as the Phoenix 74th Street Theatre). It was originally the East 74th Street Theatre. It had 400 seats. It was renamed Eastside Playhouse in 1968.

It is currently a cineplex housing 7 screens. In addition to the original main auditorium, there are 4 screening rooms in the basement and 2 stacked on top of each other on the former stage.

The lobby and main auditorium were restored in 2010.


Performance History

Garbage (Showcase, 1981)
10/7/1981 - ?

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