The Geisha

A Story of a Tea House


Studio Cast Recordings

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Studio Cast (1999)
Michael Fitchew, Jozic Koc, Christopher Maltman, Richard Stuart (i), Sarah Vivian

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A naval officer and geisha fall in love at a tea house, however, they end up marrying different people.

Trivia & History

The Geisha has been ranked as the first internationally successful British musical comedy. After it's 1896 New York production, it enjoyed numerous tours and productions throughout Europe (notably, a production racked up 8000 performances in Germany alone). Even outside of Europe, it was produced several times (notably in Simla, India in 1897 and in Yalta, Russia in 1899).

The premiere of the 1899 Russian production was attended by Anton Chekhov and the production was used as a backdrop for the climactic scene in his 1899 story "The Lady with the Dog".

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