The Bohemian Girl

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Source Material

Based on Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges' ballet-pantomime The Gypsy


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Trivia & History

  • Alfred Bunn got the idea for his libretto from a ballet by Saint Georges called The Gipsy (which was produced at the Grand Opera in Paris in 1839). Saint Georges took his story from Novelas Exemplares by Cervantes.
  • Titles that were given consideration: The Gipsy (although it was the title of a recently unsuccessful drama), Thaddeus of Warsaw (although Miss Porter's popular novel had a main character with that name it was concerned that the work may be viewed as an adaptation), La Bohemienne (ruled out because Bunn's peers objected to a French title to an English opera), and The Bohemian (ruled out because it might suggest a male hero).

Alternate Titles

  • The Bohemian Girl, or, the Merry Zingara (full title)

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