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Trivia & History

The music for 'Baby!' was originally used for 'Sweetheart' (L: Clifford Grey) intended for an unproduced musical, FLYING ISLAND, and later used the in the 1923 London revue, THE RAINBOW. Ira Gershwin and B. G. De Sylva gave this music new lyrics and it became 'Baby!' for this show. WHEN TELL ME MORE went to London these lyrics were given new music by George Gershwin as London audiences had already heard the original music in THE RAINBOW.

'Oh, So La Mi', Lou Holtz's specialty number which he had been performing in vaudeville for years, was based on 'O Sole Mio!' the 19th century song by Edoardo di Capua and Giovannie Capurro. Holtz recorded it twice, in 1923 and 1924. The second version is either new lyrics or a 'Part 2'.

Alternate Titles

  • My Fair Lady (Pre-Broadway title)

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