The Streets of Paris

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For many years collectors argued about the selections Carmen Miranda did in this show. No books listed anything except 'South American Way' yet Decca issued a 78 album of six songs in 1940 where the label of each stated 'from THE STREETS OF PARIS'. The single versions of these songs had this statement on only 'South American Way' and 'Touradas Em Madrid', which had been issued back to back. In earlier versions of this work these were not listed as being from the show although it was known that stars are often given spots in a show even though the songs may not be identified in the program. More recently Jean Sablon, in his book 'De France Ou Bien d'Ailleurs', mentioned the fact that Carmen Miranda was given a spot with five additional songs before the end of the first act. This statement, along with the fact that Decca relabeled the songs as being from this show, is taken as proof that the songs in question were indeed in the show. Sablon also mentions that he was given two songs just before the end of the run of the show. One of them was 'Le Fiacre' ('The Cab') and the other was 'J'eattendrai'. He did not perform his extra songs until two nights before the show closed.

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