Red, Hot and Blue!


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Nails Duquesne is a former manicurist turned wealthy widow. She holds a lottery to help her lawyer and pal, Bob Hale, find the lost love of his life. To assist in the search, Nails and her perennial debutantes arrange for the parole of several prison inmates. The leader, Policy Pinkle, is a sentimental jailbird who resents his release from luxurious prison life. The Senate Finance Committee eventually gets involved. The search for a missing heiress includes this plot point: Her identity can only be determined by a waffle iron mark on her behind.

Trivia & History

While normally we don't include adaptors in the list of later contributors, we believe that based on the new song stack, that "adaptation" probably means "new book."

Alternate Titles

  • But Millions (working title)
  • The New Red, Hot and Blue! (Paper Mill title)
  • Wait for Baby (working title)

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