A Month of Sundays


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Source Material

Based on the play Excursion by Victor Wolfson


Knowing his beloved, antiquated ship, the S.S. Happiness, us to be converted into a garbage scow after thirty years of service, Captain Obidiah Rich alters the course of his usual Sunday excursion from Coney Island to Manhattan and sails for the Caribbean. The passengers are delighted with the Captain's adventurous voyage, especially man-hunting Shirley Harris. Their delight in the unexpected voyage to the tropics ends abruptly when the United States Coast Guard returns the S.S. Happiness back to port. The ship, crew, and passengers receive a boisterous welcome home and Captain Rich leans the ship's owners have granted another year of service to the S.S. Happiness. Obadiah is elated and secretly hopes to reach his semi-tropical isle next year.

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Alternate Titles

  • Excursion (source material)

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