Love Match


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A somewhat surrealistic chronicle of the relationship between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

After Albert's death, Victoria questions the degree of his affection for her. She replays in her head her relationship with him — their courtship, their marriage, their public and private lives. 

In flashback, the headstrong and imperious young queen is determined to have her way in all things. When she falls in love with Prince Albert, she believes that she may command his heart as easily as she commands her horseguards. He accepts Victoria's proposal of marriage without fully realizing that she expects nothing short of ecstasy from him. She soon learns that Albert's passions are largely intellectual and impersonal. It is not in him to play the high romantic.

She becomes convinced that Albert has married her simply because she is queen. She denies him any life of his own, public or private, reducing him to little more than a servant. Unable to counter Victoria on her supercharged emotional grounds, Albert relies upon his wits in his battle to win some power of his own.

The Boy Jones also figures in Victoria's memories.

Trivia & History

Originally, the score was to have been co-written by the author of the book, Christian Hamilton, who was to write the lyrics, and Milton Kaye, who was to write the music. It seems that Richard Maltby, Jr., and David Shire were originally brought in to doctor the score, but they eventually wrote a complete score that replaced the score by Hamilton and Kaye. This happened before the start of rehearsals.

Alternate Titles

  • The Love Match (One of the titles announced prior to the production)
  • The Loving Couple (working title)

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