Love Life


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Trivia & History

The 'Ballet' listed as 'cut prior to New York' was the first version of a ballet for this show. 'Punch and Judy Get a Divorce' was the final version. The 'Ballet' consisted of the 'Organum' motif from The River is Blue (a 1937 unproduced film score, which was also used as the opening motif in One Touch of Venus); canonic 'hurry music' from The River is Blue, used for the magician's entrance in this show and also as part of the incidental music in the propaganda film Salute to France, 1946; the beginning of the 'Sloth' section of The Seven Deadly Sins; the 'Can-Can' from Der Kuhhandel (a 1934 unfinished German operetta); and 'War Music' from Die Burgschaft (a 1932 German opera). The last was the only part eventually used in 'Punch and Judy Get a Divorce'.

Alternate Titles

  • A Dish for the Gods (working title)

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