Lost in the Stars

Trivia & History

The songs "The Little Gray House", "Trouble Man", "Lost in the Stars", "Stay Well", and "The Little Tin God" all had their origins in Ulysses Africanus (1939), an unfinished, aborted musical.

"The Little Gray House" and "Lost in the Stars" were moved to this show intact. "The Little Tin God" uses the same lyrics as in Ulysses Africanus but the musical setting was changed. "Trouble Man" was originally "Lover Man" and was changed because of a rival claimant. "Stay Well" had no lyrics in Ulysses Africanus.

The last score that Kurt Weill completed before his death.

In 1993, Lost in the Stars was given a new book by Frank Galati and produced as Cry, the Beloved Country.

Dorothy Hammerstein (Oscar's wife) had read the novel and suggested it to Maxwell Anderson.

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