Let's Sing Yiddish

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Trivia & History

Based on Yiddish folklore and humor.

Song list obtained from the cast album.

Programs for LET'S SING YIDDISH, with the exception of 'Lo'mir Zingen Yiddish' ('Let's Sing Yiddish') which is used to close both acts, list scene titles rather than song titles. We have been unable to establish a complete correlation between the scenes and song titles or even to verify that all songs on the cast album were actually used in the Broadway production. In general, Act I (Side 1 of the cast album), ending with 'Nigun', takes place in Europe and Act II (Side 2 of the cast album) takes place in America.

Since no individual song credits are given either on the cast album or in the programs, we have given none here.

Alternate Titles

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