How Do You Do I Love You


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Alice-Frances lives with her parents in East Orange, New Jersey. Alice-Frances's mother has printed up wedding invitations minus one piece of info — the groom's name.

Alice-Frances heads across the river to Manhattan to find a job, hoping that will lead her to a husband. She lands a job in an insurance company that has a computer named Bella. Bella has information on everybody. When fed Alice-Frances's information, Bella prints out an address containing the largest concentration of eligible bachelors in New York City. Alice-Frances goes hunting.

Alice-Frances meets four of the men and wows them all, but her office-mates are skeptical that this will work out for her.

But the plan does work: Alice-Frances gets proposals from each of the four guys in turn. All is well and good until, at the office celebration, Alice Mary gets a congratulatory kiss from Evans, her creepy boss — and fireworks happen.

In the second act, the computer's capabilities in the dating arena are reported on the news and two of the secondary characters try to use the computer as a dating service. Meanwhile, Alice-Frances won't make up her mind which of the four guys she wants to marry. She ends up going down the aisle with all four, but at the last minute she refuses all of them. She ends up with Evans, even though Bella gives the relationship four days. 

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Alternate Titles

  • How Do You Do, I Love You (no note)

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