Grand Hotel

Trivia & History

Originally the entire score for Grand Hotel was by Robert Wright and George Forrest. Maury Yeston was brought in to revise the score for which he wrote a number of new songs. In addition, all of the above songs credited to Robert Wright, George Forrest and Maury Yeston are songs by Wright and Forrest in which Yeston revised the lyrics.

"The Grand Tango", originally from At the Grand (from which parts of the score for this show was taken), is an instrumental precursor of "And Life Goes On" which is used here, with a change in meter, as "The Grand Waltz". At the world premiere in Boston "The Grand Waltz" (instrumental) opened the show. When Maury Yeston was brought in the opening was changed to "The Grand Parade" which he wrote. "The Grand Waltz" was retained, with lyrics added from "And Life Goes On", to close the show. "And Life Goes On" was a much longer number during tryouts and previews than it ended up being in the final version. It also contained more of the main theme.

In the programs for this show each scene is listed, giving a narrative describing the scene and listing the songs, but not always in the proper order. In the 'Used' song list all songs are listed in the order performed rather than program order.

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