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Based on Arna Bontemps' novel 'God Sends Sunday'.

This show was an outgrowth of ST. LOUIS WOMAN which was a failure due mainly to problems with the book (Cullen died during the pre-Broadway tryout). The score was very strong, however.

Arlen rewrote the show using the songs from the original score but tried to make another PORGY AND BESS out of it. At this point it was titled BLUES OPERA and, upon hearing it, Andre Kostelanetz was so impressed he talked Arlen into working with him on a suite based on the material in the new opera. Together they picked the material to be included and it was orchestrated by Samuel Matlowsky. The suite was presented in New York in November of 1957 with Andre Kostelanetz conducting the New York Philharmonic.

Arlen kept working on the show and it was scheduled to open in Europe in 1958, prior to Broadway. Rewriting and production problems delayed the show and it finally opened (as above) with the new title of FREE AND EASY. Since most of the work and rewriting centered around the music and little was done to improve the book the show was still unsuccessful.

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