The Day Before Spring

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MGM bought the film rights, but they planned to jettison the Lerner and Loewe score and have a new one written by Johnny Green and Frank Loesser. Songs with the folliowing titles were written: 

  • "It's Time for the Love Scene"
  • "Who Could Forget You?"
  • "Bing Bang"
  • "My Sentimental Nature"
  • "You're So Reliable"
  • "Ibbedy Bibbedy Sibbedy Sab"

It is believed that Green wrote the music, and Loesser wrote the lyrics, but the manuscripts that exist credit both writers without specifying who wrote the music and who wrote the lyrics. (Loesser was known almost exclusively as a lyricist at the time.) The lyrics were published in The Complete Lyrics of Frank Loesser (Alfred A. Knopf; New York, 2003). The film was never made.

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