The Crystal Heart


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The rich widow, Phoebe Ricketts, is obliged by the terms of her husband's will to live out her life on a desolate island, attended by her niece and several other youngish women. One day a boatload of handsome men is washed onto the island.

Trivia & History

"When I Dance with My Love" is the song title used in the London program. Best Plays and Lewine and Simon have the title as "When I Drink with My Love" while Bloom has it as "When I Drank with My Love" (possibly a misprint). The title differences imply lyric changes between the London and New York productions. However, on the jacket for the private studio recording of the New York produciton lists the title as "When I Dance with My Love" and it is clearly sung that way. Both the London program and Best Plays indicate that it is a solo number, albeit performed by different characters in the two productions, but it is sung as a duet on the cast recording of the Off-Broadway production.

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