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Pegeen Mike, the overly protected daughter of a widowed, western Kansas tavern owner, Michael James, jilts her sweetheart, farmer Floyd Beavis, for Christy Mahon, a stranger who arrives at the tavern in the Spring of 1884 claiming to have murdered his tyrannical father. With his tale of patricide, Christy becomes the local folk-hero in the remote, rural Kansas community where he is passionately pursued by widow Lucy Jane Du Rambeau Finlette. Christy's father, who considers his son to be a good-for-nothing, spineless creature, arrives bloody but unbowed as a Passerby at the tavern. Christy threatens to kill the old man but Old Mahon finds respect for his son and Christy wins the love of lovely Pegeen Mike.

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Alternate Titles

  • The Playboy of the Western World (source material)

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