The Amazing Adele


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Source Material

Based on the French play by Pierre Barrillet and Jean-Pierre Gredy


Adele leaves her orphanage in 1935 for a job as a waitress in Atlantic City. An exhibitor of dead whales, handsome hustler Tony Gaskey, discovers Adele's gift of clairvoyance. Encouraged by his horse-playing grandmother and her would-be hoodlum friend, The Professor, Tony promotes Adele's profitable skill. At Flo La Marr's honky-tonk night club, Tony stages one of Adele's incredible omniscient trances to the growing rage of fortune-teller Madame Zelda, who has unearthed everyone's secrets with her phony crystal ball. Tony and Adele fall in love but after consummation of their marriage, her gift for clairvoyance totally disappears.

Trivia & History

Robert Wells was originally to have collaborated on the score with Albert Selden.

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