Good News

Original Broadway Revival Cast (1974)


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  • Overture .... Company
  • A Ladies' Man .... Pat, Millie, Flo, Students
  • The Best Things in Life Are Free .... Professor Kenyon, Students
  • Just Imagine .... Connie, Pat, Millie, Flo
  • Happy Days .... Tom, Pat, Millie, Flo, Sylvester, Boys
  • Button Up Your Overcoat .... Bobby, Babe
  • Lucky in Love .... Connie, Tom, Students
  • You're the Cream in My Coffee .... Professor Kenyon, Bill
  • The Varsity Drag .... Babe, Students
  • Together .... Professor Kenyon
  • The Tait Song .... Bill, Pooch, Students
  • Lucky in Love (reprise) .... Company
  • Today's the Day .... Girls
  • The Girl of the Pi Beta Phi .... Pat, Girls
  • Good News .... Professor Kenyon, Connie, Students
  • Keep Your Sunny Side Up .... Kearney, Boys
  • The Best Things in Life Are Free (reprise) .... Connie, Tom
  • Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries .... Professor Kenyon, Connie, Babe
  • The Professor and the Students .... Professor Kenyon, Kearney, Students
  • Finale .... Company

Trivia & History

The first disc is a Songs Only recording of the show.  The second disc is all rehearsal takes and other things.

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