Anne of Green Gables

Original Off-Broadway Cast (2007)



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Anne Shirley
Diana Berry
Marilla Cuthbert
Matthew Cuthbert
Gilbert Blythe

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  • Around the Bend
  • A Pretty Kettle of Fish
  • I May Stay
  • It's the Strangest Thing
  • Kindred Spirits
  • Making Up for Lost Time
  • The Use of a Colon
  • Two Weeks
  • It Was Not Because of Gilbert Blythe
  • Drunk!
  • The Clock Keeps Ticking
  • It's the Strangest Thing (reprise)
  • First Day at the Academy
  • It's Nice to Know
  • The Graduation
  • Matthew's Death
  • Around the Bend (reprise)
  • Making Up for Lost Time (reprise)
  • Finale

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