Annie 2: Miss Hannigan's Revenge

Story and Songs From the Sequel (2008)



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Oliver Warbucks
Grace Farrell
Miss Hannigan (Narrator)

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  • 1934 .... Harve Presnell, Shelly Burch, Amanda Balon and Ensemble
  • 1934 (Reprise) .... Amanda Balon
  • How Could I Ever Say No? .... Sally Struthers and Gary Beach
  • Lady of the House, The .... Martin Charnin, Shelly Burch and Warbucks' Staff
  • He Doesn't Know I'm Alive .... Shelly Burch
  • Lady of the House, The (Reprise) .... Shelly Burch and Female Entrants
  • Coney Island .... Harve Presnell, Shelly Burch, Amanda Balon, Kathie Lee Gifford, Gary Beach and Boardwalkers
  • All I've Got Is Me .... Amanda Balon
  • My Daddy .... Andrea McArdle
  • I Guess Things Happen For the Best .... Marissa O'Donnell
  • Tomorrow Is Now .... Harve Presnell, Shelly Burch, Raymond Thorne, Amanda Balon and All

Trivia & History

Every other track is narration provided by Carol Burnett.

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