Fiddler on the Roof

London Replacment-Leads Recording (1968)





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  • Tradition .... Alfie Bass and Chorus
  • Matchmaker .... Patricia Whitmore and Marti Webb
  • If I Were a Rich Man .... Alfie Bass
  • Sabbath Prayer .... Alfie Bass, Avis Bunnage and Chorus
  • To Life .... Alfie Bass, Leslie Fyson, Andy Cole and Chorus
  • Sunrise, Sunset .... Alfie Bass, Avis Bunnage, Ken Barrie and Patricia Whitmore
  • Now I Have Everything .... Ken Barrie and Patricia Whitmore
  • Do You Love Me? .... Alfie Bass and Avis Bunnage
  • Far from the Home I Love .... Patricia Whitmore and Alfie Bass
  • Anatevka .... Alfie Bass, Avis Bunnage and Chorus

Trivia & History

The supporting players on this recording seem to have never been in the London production, but this recording merits inclusion as a cast recording as the leading roles of Tevye and Golde are performed by the first London replacements in those roles.

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