A Stephen Sondheim Evening

Concert Cast (1983)

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    • Invocation and Instructions to the Audience .... Bob Gunton and Company
    • Saturday Night .... Company
    • Isn't It? .... Victoria Mallory
    • Saturday Night (reprise) .... Men
    • Poems .... George Hearn, Bob Gunton
    • What More Do I Need? .... Liz Callaway
    • Another Hundred People .... Judy Kaye
    • With So Little To Be Sure Of .... Victoria Mallory, George Hearn
    • Pretty Little Picture .... Bob Gunton, Liz Callaway, Steven Jacob
    • The House of Marcus Lycus .... George Hearn, Bob Gunton, and Women
    • Echo Song .... Liz Callaway, Steven Jacob
    • There's Something About a War .... Cris Groenendaal and Men
    • Fear No More .... George Hearn
    • Being Alive .... Judy Kaye
    • You're Gonna Love Tomorrow .... Cris Groenendaal, Judy Kaye
    • Love Will See Us Through .... Steven Jacob, Liz Callaway
    • The Miller's Son .... Liz Callaway
    • Johanna .... Cris Groenendaal
    • Not a Day Goes By .... Victoria Mallory
    • Someone In a Tree .... Bob Gunton, George Hearn, Steven Jacob, Cris Groenendaal
    • Send in the Clowns .... Angela Lansbury
    • Old Friends .... Company

Trivia & History

The concert was recorded live, though some numbers may have come from a rehearsal or been re-recorded later in the studio.

The original two-LP release of the concert included two numbers not included on the CD release: "Fear No More" and the "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow/Love Will See Us Through" quartet. At the time of the CD issue, commercial CDs were generally limited to 74 minutes of playing time, and the two numbers would not have fit. Both numbers were issued on CD in A Collector's Sondheim.

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