Original Off-Broadway Cast (1975)





The Wife
The Commander

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  • Within This Empty Space .... All
  • The Streets of Antioch Stink .... Cockian & Commander
  • Don't Kiki Me .... Kiki & Cockian
  • I'd Do Almost Anything to Get Out of Here and Go Home .... Cockian & Commander
  • He's Coming
  • Antioch Prison .... Prisoners
  • Name: Cocklan .... Cockian & All
  • I Love Order .... Commander & All
  • My Secret Dream .... Andos, Cockian & Prisoners
  • I Love His Face .... Marsyas & Cockian
  • Sometimes .... Cockian & Prisoners
  • The Nightmare .... Cockian & All
  • The Greatest of These .... Wife
  • How Free I Feel
  • Oh, How Easy to Be Scornful!
  • Come With Me .... Cockian / Commander / Cockian, Commander & All
  • The Greatest of These (Reprise)
  • Within This Empty Space (Reprise) .... All

Trivia & History

The track that combines "How Free I Feel," "Oh, How Easy to Be Scornful!" and "Come With Me" lists each of the titles individually under the heading "The Confrontation." The last track, which combines reprises of "The Greatest of These" and "Within This Empty Space," lists those two titles under the heading "The Vision."

  • There are sound issues on this recording, apparently from problems in the master tape, that have prevented its reissue.
  • Charles Blackburn was out of the show when the recording was made. His understudy, Drew Katzman, appeared on the recording in his place.

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