Studio Cast (1993)





Master of Ceremonies
Fraulein Schneider
Herr Schultz
Clifford Bradshaw
Sally Bowles
Fraulein Kost
Ernst Ludwig
German Youth

Track List

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    • Wilkommen
    • So What?
    • Don't Tell Mama
    • Telephone Song
    • Perfectly Marvelous
    • Two Ladies
    • It Couldn't Please Me More
    • Tomorrow Belongs to Me
    • Why Should I Wake Up?
    • Sitting Pretty
    • Married
    • Fruit Shop Dance
    • Meeskite
    • Tomorrow Belongs to Me (reprise)
    • Entr'acte
    • Kick Line
    • Married (reprise)
    • If You Could See Her
    • What Would You Do?
    • Sally's Revolt
    • Cabaret
    • Break Up
    • Finale
    • Curtain Calls
    • Exit Music
    • Money '87
    • Don't Go
    • I Don't Care Much
    • Mein Herr
    • Maybe This Time
    • Money, Money, Money
    • Tiller Girls

Trivia & History

This was a Jay Records Masterworks Edition. Per the Jay Records website, "JAY Original Masterworks Edition recordings utilise the original book, music, lyrics and orchestrations of the musical masterworks. By recording the original version, the essence of these musical masterworks, as originally conceived by the authors and enjoyed by the public, is preserved for the new Digital era."  Masterworks Editions often document the complete score — all reprises, dance music and underscoring are usually included. This recording was intended to document the original 1966 version of the sxcore, with bonus tracks including music added to the 1987 version and the songs added to the film. The recording is missing the music heard at the end of the first act after the reprise of "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" and perhaps a few other small transition sequences. This may explain why this recording does not say "First Complete Recording" on the cover, unlike some others in the JAY Masterworks series.

Judi Dench, who sang Fraulein Schneider, on this recording, had played Sally Bowles in the first London stage production and can be heard on that production's recording. Gregg Edelman repeats the role of Cliff on this recording which he had played in the 1987 Broadway revival. The show's lyricist, Fred Ebb, is heard Herr Schultz.

Cover Art

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