Lady in the Dark

Television Soundtrack (1954)



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Liza Elliott
Russell Paxton
Charley Johnson
Maggie Grant
Kendall Nesbitt

Track List

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    • Introduction
    • Oh Fabulous One in Your Ivory Tower
    • One Life to Live
    • Girl of the Moment
    • It Looks Like Liza
    • Wedding Dream Ballet
    • This Is New
    • The Greatest Show on Earth
    • The Best Years of His Life
    • Tchaikowsky (and Other Russians)
    • The Saga of Jenny
    • Dance
    • My Ship

Trivia & History

The album was recording a several months after the telecast (Nov. 4-5, 1954).

Because the album was recorded so long after the telecast, viewers didn't remember it and the it didn't sell very well. Because of this, it was deleted from the catalogue and, until the CD was issued in 2005, this was one of the rarest of show albums.

Cover Art

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