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    • Everything That Happens to You .... Dorian Harewood, Chorus
    • I'm Tired of Me .... Michel Legrand
    • No Faceless People .... Dorian Harewood, Chorus
    • The First Time I Heard a Bluebird .... Michel Legrand
    • I Know You Are There .... Dorian Harewood, Chorus
    • Don't Talk, Don't Think .... Michel Legrand
    • Low Bottom Woman .... Unknown female singer
    • I've Been Starting Tomorrow .... Dorian Harewood
    • I Never Met a Russian I Didn't Like .... Michel Legrand
    • Sally Ensalada .... Michel Legrand
    • Let Me Be Your Mirror .... Michel Legrand
    • Just a Little Space Can Be a Growing Place .... Michel Legrand
    • What Is It? .... Michel Legrand
    • Don't Pull Up the Flowers .... Michel Legrand

Trivia & History

On the back of the LP jacket, cast and staff members of the pre-Broadway run in Philadelphia are listed. That part of the jacket appears to have been photocopied from the production's program or a flyer. Because of this, some sources list those people as being heard on this recording, but we have no reason to believe that is correct. In the song list on the jacket, no singers are idenified. Apart from the recognizable voices of Michel Legrand and Dorian Harewood (who was in the in the show in Philadelphia), there is only one other solo singer heard on this recording. That is the woman who sings "Low Bottom Woman." This singer may be Signa Joy, who sang it in Philadelphia, but it's a bit uncertain. A chorus is heard in most of the songs performed by Dorian Harewood.

Issued in Japan in a limited edition of 1,000 LP copies on RFO International Records. The back of the jacket states: "This record has been pressed and distributed in a limited, non-commercial basis - 1000 copies only, and the producers do not intend to realize a profit."

Some online sources give the year of release of this recording as 1974, but others list it as 1975. We cannot be certain, but we have chosen to go with 1975 as the sources listing that year seem more reliable.

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