Blood Red Roses

Original Broadway Cast (Previews) (1970)





Queen Victoria/Bessie Bellwood/Florence Nightingale/Alice Crabbe (a bawd)
Prince Albert
Napoleon III
Fitzroy Somerset Lord Raglan
Private William Cockroft
Private John Smalls
W. H. Russell (Correspondent for the London Times)
Russian Soldier
Comet Edwin May (4th Light Dragoons)
Grenadier Guard/Evans
Grenadier Guard

Track List

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  • Overture
  • The Cream of English Youth
  • A Garden in the Sun
  • In the Country Where I Come From
  • The Cream of English Youth
  • Black Dog Rum
  • England, Oh England
  • In Our Arms
  • English Rose, The
  • Soldiers Anthem
  • Blood Red Roses
  • Blood Red Roses (Reprise)
  • The Fourth Light Dragoons
  • The Cream of English Youth (Reprise)
  • English Rose, The (Reprise)
  • Song of the Fair Dissenter Lass

Trivia & History

Tape has some wow and flutter at the end of Act 1.

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