Jelly's Last Jam

Original Broadway Cast (1992)

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  • Prologue
  • Jelly's Jam
  • In My Day
  • Creole Way, The
  • Whole World's Waitin' to Sing Your Song, The
  • Michigan Waters
  • Something More
  • Pool Game, The
  • That's How You Jazz
  • Chicago Stomp, The
  • Play the Music for Me
  • Lovin'Is a Low Down Blues
  • Doctor Jazz
  • Good Ole New York
  • Too Late, Daddy
  • That's the Way We Do Things in New Yawk
  • Door Slam
  • Last Chance Blues, The
  • Last Chance, The
  • Last Rites, The
  • Boy, Pretty Boy
  • Creole Boy
  • We Are the Rhythms That Color Your Song

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