Studio Cast (1955)

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    • Waltz Suite: Carousel .... Company
    • You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan .... Carrie and Julie
    • When I Marry Mister Snow .... Carrie
    • If I Loved You .... Billy, Julie
    • June Is Bustin' Out All Over .... Nettie, Carrie and Ensemble
    • When the Children Are Asleep .... Mr. Snow and Carrie
    • Blow High, Blow Low .... Jigger, Billy and Male Chorus
    • Soliloquy .... Billy
    • This Was a Real Nice Clambake .... Carrie, Nettie, Julie, Mr. Snow and Ensemble
    • Geraniums in the Winder
    • Stonecutters Cut It on Stone
    • What's the Use of Wond'rin' .... Julie
    • You'll Never Walk Alone .... Nettie
    • The Highest Judge of All .... Billy
    • You'll Never Walk Alone (reprise)

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