Call Me Madam

Soundtrack (1953)





Mrs. Sally Adams
Cosmo Constantine
Kenneth Gibson
Princess Maria (Singing Voice)

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    • The Hostess with the Mostes' on the Ball .... Mrs. Sally Adams
    • Lichtenburg .... Offscreen Chorus
    • Can You Use Any Money Today? .... Mrs. Sally Adams
    • Marrying for Love .... Cosmo Constantine
    • It's a Lovely Day Today .... Kenneth Gibson and Princess Maria
    • International Rag .... Mrs. Sally Adams
    • You're Just in Love .... Mrs. Sally Adams and Kenneth Gibson
    • The Ocarina .... Princess Maria and Chorus
    • What Chance Have I? .... Kenneth Gibson
    • Something to Dance About .... Kenneth Gibson and Princess Maria
    • The Best Thing for You .... Mrs. Sally Adams and Cosmo Constantine
    • You're Just in Love .... Kenneth Gibson and Mrs. Sally Adams
    • Mrs. Sally Adams .... Telephone Operators
    • You're Just in Love
    • Something to Dance About (Finale) .... Mrs. Sally Adams, Kenneth Gibson, Comso Constantine and Princess Maria

Trivia & History

Much of the score is also used for dance segments and underscoring, which didn't make it onto the soundtrack.

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