Pal Joey

Broadway Revival Cast Members (1952)

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    • Overture .... Orchestra
    • You Mustn't Kick It Around .... Joey and Gladys
    • I Could Write a Book .... Joey and Linda
    • Chicago .... Gladys and Chorus
    • That Terrific Rainbow .... Gladys and Chorus
    • What Is a Man? .... Vera
    • Happy Hunting Horn .... Joey
    • Bewitched .... Vera
    • Pal Joey .... Joey
    • The Flower Garden of My Heart .... The Tenor and Gladys
    • Zip .... Melba
    • Plant You Now, Dig You Later .... Gladys and Chorus
    • In Our Little Den .... Vera and Joey
    • Do It the Hard Way .... Joey
    • Take Him .... Linda and Vera
    • Bewitched (Reprise) .... Vera
    • Finale .... Orchestra

Trivia & History

Columbia's studio cast recording of Pal Joey with Vivienne Segal and Harold Lang was issued approximately two years before the Broadway revival starring Segal and Lang. Columbia exercised its contractual right to refuse to allow Segal and Lang to appear on this recording. Capitol was therefore forced to replace them for this cast recording, which ended up being not quite a cast recording.

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