Paint Your Wagon

London Cast Excerpts (1953)





Jennifer Rumson
Ben Rumson
Julio Valveras
Steve Bullnack

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No track list for this recording yet.

Trivia & History

Also on this CD, OLC recordings from LOVE FROM JUDY, PAL JOEY and WONDERFUL TOWN. CD title: 'Americans in London'. The PAINT YOUR WAGON cuts are medleys remastered from E/78/Columbia DB3288/89. The contents of DB3288 will also be found on the LP collection: E/Columbia SCXSP652, 'Theatreland Showstoppers, 1943-1968' (3-LP set). 'Wand'rin' Star' and 'I Still See Elisa' are also on E/World Records SH-136 (M), 'Bobby Howes: She's My Lovely'.

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