Show Girl

Original Broadway Cast (1961)



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    • The Girl in the Show .... Carol Channing
    • Report from Las Vegas (sketch) .... Carol Channing
    • Theatre Piece (sketch) .... Carol Channing and Jules Munshin
    • Calypso Pete .... Carol Channing
    • Report from Paris .... Les Quat' Jeudis
    • Keeping Up with the Noahs (sketch) .... Carol Channing and Jules Munshin
    • The Girl Who Lived in Montparnasse .... Jules Munshin and Les Quat' Jeudis
    • Join Us in a Cup of Tea
    • This Is a Darned Fine Funeral (Opening Choruses) .... Carol Channing
    • In Our Teeny Little Weeny Nest for Two
    • Love Is a Sickness (Love Songs) .... Carol Channing
    • Yahoo Step, The
    • Switchblade Bess (Dance Numbers) .... Carol Channing
    • The Story of Marie .... Carol Channing and Les Quat' Jeudis
    • S. Eureka Presents (sketch) .... Jules Munshin
    • My Kind of Love .... Carol Channing
    • The Inside Story (sketch) .... Carol Channing
    • The Foreign Star (sketch) .... Carol Channing
    • Les Quat' Jeudis
    • You Haven't Lived Until You've Played the Palace (The Palace Theatre) .... Carol Channing
    • Somewhere There's a Little Bluebird (The Palace Theatre) .... Carol Channing
    • Finale .... Carol Channing and Company

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