The Grass Harp

Original Broadway Cast (Closing Night) (1971)





Dolly Talbo...
Collin Talbo...
Catherine Creek...
Verena Talbo...
Maude Riordan...
Dr. Morris Ritz...
Judge Cool...
The Heavenly Pride and Joys...
Sheriff Amos Legrand...

Track List

  • Tracks

  • Dropsy Cure Weather
  • Floozies
  • Think Big Rich
  • If There's Love Enough
  • Yellow Drum
  • Marry With Me
  • Chain of Love
  • This One Day
  • Call Me Babylove
  • Walk Into Heaven
  • Hang a Little Moolah on the Washline
  • Talkin' in Tongues
  • Whooshin' Through My Flesh
  • Walk Into Heaven
  • Something for Nothing
  • Indian Blues
  • Take a Little Sip
  • What Do I Do Now?
  • Pick Yourself a Flower
  • The Flower Fortune Dance
  • Reach Out
  • Yellow Drum

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